5.9 Water

Make sure you install the mods in the following order.

Click on a mod to expand the content

As for the previous step , we will create a separator for our user interface mods.

Right click on OUPUTS select All Mods -> create separator.

Type 5.9 WATER

Water for ENB

A water modification that takes full advantage of advanced features offered by ENBSeries.

Click here to manually download the mod OR here to automatically download the mod through Mod Organizer 2.

When downloaded go to the folder where the file has been downloaded, cut the file Water for and copy it to your NOLVUS\ARCHIVE\5_VISUALS\5.9_WATER directory

Click here to get more details for Water for ENB

Nexus mod page here

MOD Installation

In Mod Organizer 2 click on add mod button

Browse to NOLVUS\ARCHIVE\5_VISUALS\5.9_WATER\Water for and select OK

Select options as shown and click on Next

Select the color of your choice with ineed selected and click on Next

Select options as shown and click on Install

Drag and drop Water for ENB above OUTPUTS and check the mod.
Post Installation Setup

Select LOOT from the right combobox and click on Run button (Always run it from Mod Organizer)

Click on the sort button

You will get this screen

Click on Apply

Your mods plugins are now ordered correctly.

In order to have the benefit of new ENB features related to underwater effects please do the following

In Mod Organizer 2, got to INI editor

Set iRadialBlurLevel to 0 in Skyrim.ini

Set bDoDepthOfField to 1 in Skyrimprefs.ini

Click on Save for each files

Start the game

Select SKSE and click on Run

In the game main menu load your last saved game.

Start to test if all the mods have been installed correctly.

Make a save game and exit the game.

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