1. Core Setup

Nolvus Ascension

1.3 Stock Game Creation

In this section, we will copy the Skyrim installation files from Steam and patch the game using the dedicated Nolvus Downgrade Patcher tool.

Your game will be fully isolated for Nolvus and your Skyrim Steam installation will remain absolutely clean

This application will also patch your skyrim and clean all master files automatically.

First create a sub directory Downgrader inside your SSD:\NOLVUS\TOOLS directory

Click here to download the Nolvus Downgrade Patcher. The source code of the Nolvus Downgrader is available here

When downloaded, extract the content in a temporary directory and copy everything to your SSD:\NOLVUS\TOOLS\Downgrader directory

When copied, your SSD:\NOLVUS\TOOLS\Downgrader directory should contain these files.

Execute the program NolvusDowngrader.exe

By default the Skyrim Steam directory should already be filled with your Steam Skyrim installation directory. If not you can always browse to your Steam installation manually

Browse the output directory and select your SSD:\NOLVUS\STOCK GAME directory like this


It's really important that the Skyrim Steam directory points to your default Steam Skyrim Anniversary directory otherwise the dowgrade patcher will not work.

Be sure also that you have the Skyrim Anniversary Edition installed with all Creation Club content downloaded otherwise the dowgrade patcher will not work.

In Steam, right click on your game, select Properties, Local files and click on Browse. The path you see is the one that needs to be used with the downgrader.

Click on the Downgrade button and let the application proceed.

When done you should see this

Go to your SSD:\NOLVUS\STOCK GAME directory, you should have your Skyrim now isolated for Nolvus

Browse to Data and be sure you have all Creation Club files.

A note on Windows DPI custom scaling

If you use Windows Custom scaling (right click on your desktop => Display Properties => Scaling percentage) is higher than 100% your game will be zoomed in

In this case you have 2 possibilities

  • Set your windows scaling back to 100%
  • Keep your custom scaling and follow these steps

Go to your SSD:\NOLVUS\STOCK GAME directory. Right click on SkyrimSE.exe and set as follow.

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