1. Core Setup

Nolvus Ascension


Welcome to the Nolvus Ascension manual installation guide. If you want to learn lot of things about modding you are at the right place.

First thing first, this guide is MASSIVE. There are lot of things and concepts to understand, lot of things to install and setup, but don't worry i will try to make it easy for you to understand.

To achieve this massive manual installation, i have one and only advice : DON'T RUSH IT. Read everything carefully and take your time, the smallest thing you could forget at the beginning will risk to break the entire installation.

If you want to follow this manual installation guide so you can skip mods and customize the list, it's totally up to you. Just be aware that this guide could be then very hard to follow or you may have lot of issues and custom added mods incompatibilities which will break the list if you customize it too much. Also no official support is given for modified installation. We have a channel dedicated for customized Nolvus on our discord though where people helps each others.

You are still here? Then fine let's get into it

1.1 Game Installation & Setup

Hardware Requirements

To run Nolvus Ascension you will need to meet some requirements.


Installing the list on a HDD will cause you

  • Endless loading time
  • Textures not loaded properly
  • Save corruptions
  • Animations issues
  • Scripts not working as intended


  • CPU : Minimum : Core i7 7000 Series or AMD equivalent - Recommended: Core i7 10000 Series or AMD equivalent

  • Ultra Variant (Ultra LOD) (Ultra maxed out preset of the list - Grass in the distance and 3d lods)
  • GPU : RTX 3080 TI
  • VRAM : 12 Gb at 1440p (HIGHER GPU with MORE VRAM needed beyond 1440p - RTX 4090 recommended for native 4K)
  • RAM : 32 Gb
  • STORAGE (SSD Mandatory): 392 Gb

  • Ultra Variant (Performance LOD)(Ultra with less grass in the distance and 2d lods)
  • GPU : RTX 3080
  • VRAM : 10 Gb at 1440p (HIGHER GPU with MORE VRAM needed beyond 1440p)
  • RAM : 32 Gb
  • STORAGE (SSD Mandatory): 369 Gb

  • Ultra Variant (Ultra Performance LOD)(Ultra with no grass in the distance and 2d lods)
  • GPU : RTX 2080 TI
  • VRAM : 10 Gb at 1440p (HIGHER GPU with MORE VRAM needed beyond 1440p)
  • RAM : 32 Gb
  • STORAGE (SSD Mandatory): 365 Gb

  • Redux Variant (Same as the Ultra gameplay wise but less heavy on vegetation and cities overhaul for better performance)
  • GPU : Minimum : GTX 1080 - Recommended : RTX 2070
  • VRAM : 8 Gb at 1080p (HIGHER GPU with MORE VRAM needed beyond 1080p)
  • RAM : 32 Gb
  • STORAGE (SSD Mandatory): 345 Gb

During the manual installation process, the guide will tell you what to install for the variant you want.

Game Installation and Configuration

Please READ CAREFULLY because this step is CRUCIAL for the ENTIRE GUIDE!!!

You need a fresh and legal copy of Skyrim Anniversary Edition or Skyrim Special Edition with the Anniversary Upgrade.


If you have Skyrim already installed, to be safe it's highly recommended you uninstall it and remove manually any files left in the Steam Skyrim folder before continuing.

So in steam if you don't own skyrim yet buy this version

If you already have Skyrim Special Edition, buy the Anniversary upgrade

When you have your copy of Skyrim, you can proceed to the game installation by clicking on the install button.

Click on Next

Scroll to the bottom and click I agree

When the game is installed, in steam, right on the game, select properties and DLC

Be sure you have the anniversary content installed

Run the game from Steam, when this screen popus up, click OK

Click on Play

From the game main menu click on the download button when you are prompted

At this stage IT'S REALLY IMPORTANT that all creation club files are installed

If you don't see the Download button, close the game, go into My Documents\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition, delete the 2 Skyrim ini files (if present) and restart the game from Steam

If it still does not work start the game and go into the Bethesda Creation Club shop and install all files manually

DON'T GO FURTHER in this guide if you don't have your Creation Club files installed, i really mean it!!!

To do a quick check go to your Skyrim Steam installation directory, sub directory Data and check if you have creation club files like these (this is not the full list but you get the idea)

Graphic Drivers Setup (NVIDIA ONLY)

Page file size configuration

To improve system stability, you need to set up your page file size

Click here to configure your page file size

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