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12 Quick Player Guide

Features presentation by Relentless Zen

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Starting the Game

Optional, only if you selected the Alternate start option.

Nolvus Ascension uses Skyrim Unbound, it means that you can't do the vanilla start. When starting a new game you will be brought into a room. Don't click or press any buttons. Go to MCM settings (press ESC and select Mod Configuration), select Skyrim Unbound (should be the first one) and configure where you want to spawn, your gears, the season, if you want to be dragonborn or not, there are plenty of options.

Click here to have all the available options.

You can also load the Nolvus Unbound profile, with this profile you will be the dragon born and will start at riverwood during summer.

Click on let's go and configure your character.

When done click on stay here and wait in the room until you don't see mods initialization messages anymore and press enter.

To do the main quest with skyrim unbound wait until the first dragon spawns (If you selected to be the dragonborn). Dragons spawns can be setup by time or level and when the first dragon is killed you will be directly summoned by the grey beards.

To be the thane of Whiterun select the right option in the top right corner of the first Skyrim Unbound MCM sub menu.

If you want to change the starting season, be sure you select it like this or your risk to break things like grass.

Be sure you do not change it during your playthrough but let the seasons pass normally (each ingame month)

Key Bind

The following combat mods as used as fundation

  • MCO - ADXP
  • Valhalla Combat
  • SCAR
  • Precision
  • Ultimate Combat


Nolvus uses a custom stances system with its MCO Stances Framework

You can change your combat stance by pressing the corresponding stance keyboard key.

  • Low Stance keypad 1
  • Mid Stance keypad 2
  • High Stance keypad 3
  • Neutral Stance keypad 4

Each time you change your combat stance, a different moveset (different for each weapon types as well) will play

Stances work for both 1st and 3rd person

Using stances, you have tons of different animations by weapon types

Normal and Power Attacks

To do a normal attack (NA), click on the mouse left key, to do a power attack (PA) press v

You can chain your normal attacks by pressing left click several times => NA + NA or NA + NA + NA or NA + NA + NA + NA, the combos will be different

You can do the same for power attacks by pressing v several times (if you have enough stamina) => PA + PA or PA + PA + PA,... the combos will be different as well

Finally you can mix normal and power attacks like NA + PA or NA + NA + PA or NA + NA + NA + PA,...

To change the power attack key bind, double click on the mod One Click Power Attack, select INI Files tab and change this value

Click here to have a list of corresponding number to set for each key board key (47 being v)

To add your custom animations, click here

Special Attacks

Nolvus also uses a special attack mechanism, to perform 2 additional attacks

To use your special attacks, open the MCM menu and select the mod Additional Attack By Loop

Set your key.

By default the second special attacks is disabled. To enable it, equip this power and trigger it (you only need to do this one time, it will persist accross your saves)

Your second special attack will be activated, you can launch it using your sprint key + the hot key you selected

Special attacks will vary depending your equipped weapons.


Nolvus also uses a custom Step Dodge Framework to switch step dodge animations randomly for more variety

The custom step dodge animations will only play when you lock an enemy

To change the dodge key bind, double click on the mod TK Dodge RE, select INI Files tab and change this value

Click here to have a list of corresponding number to set for each key board key


To block press the b key, the mod used to have a special key for blocking is Dual Wield Parrying Reimplementation

Using this mod, you can block while having a spell in the left hand and a sword in the right hand

To change the block key bind, you need to change it in both Valhalla Combat and Dual Wield Parrying Reimplementation MCM menus (same key for the 2 mods)

Counter Attacks

To do a counter attack just block at the right time when enemy strikes, you should hear a sound then press power attack button to do the counter attack

Weapons Positionning

Weapons positionning is done using the mod Immersive Equiment Display (IED)


You can now prone when sneaking using the mod Sneak Behavior Extensions- True Prone System

  • Hold Shift (during sneak): Start prone.
  • Shift + W: Dive into prone.
  • Shift + A: Roll left.
  • Shift + D: Roll right.
  • Hold Shift (during prone): Get up.
  • Move (while prone): Crawl.

To change the key bind, double click on the mod Sneak Behavior Extensions- True Prone System and edit this file

Just replace the key number following the related keys here 42 being Left Shift


You can now favorite any key binds (even letters) but you need to press left control with your key to register your selection (ex if you want to favorite your weapon to "u" press ctrl u then when registered only press u to equip)

Survival Mods

Survival mods are disabled by default, but if you want a survival playthrough you can activate them in their mcm menus

  • Sunhelm for hunger thirst and fatigue
  • Keep it clean for bathing
  • Hunterborn for hunting

For Hunterborn, activate it and after activation if the quick loot menu opens, just press the search key


In Nolvus whether you go for automatic or manual installation you will be able to install options

These options are

  • Nudity (nude bodies for females and males) or dressed
  • Smooth or muscular skin for females
  • Hardcore mode
  • Alternate Leveling
  • Fantasy mode

The first 2 are self explained

Hardcore mode features

  • unleveled dungeons
  • More aggressive enemies, they also use poise to stagger you
  • sneaking is more difficult

Alternate leveling

  • The player gains xp when killing enemies, exploring the world and completing quests.
  • Skill points are distributed manually by the player in every perk trees when sleeping. To sleep go to a bed to lay down, then press wait button to sleep. Don't cancel the sleep counter or the skill menu will not appear.
  • You will not distribute skill points each time you sleep but each time you sleep after a level up.

Fantasy mode

  • You will perform some fantasy combat animations and jumps. This option provides more JARPG features.
  • All needed info on how to use the magical jumps with demo here

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