Nolvus Ascension

13 Known Issues

  • Some tattoos have missing textures (only 1 or 2), it's an issue in the mod, waiting for a mod update

  • BDOR Nova armors pack has issues with some spells in first person (comes from the mod itself, tested on a vanilla profile with just this mod), can't do nothing sadly

  • If you have invisible parts when you wear an armor/outfit be sure it's for the right gender, some armors are female only, wearing them as a male will make parts invisible

  • This list uses skyrim reputation, but if you want to play a bad guy, disable the mod 'Simple Offense Suppression". It's a skse plugin so no harm disabling it in mo2. This way you can attack guards and other non hostile npc's

  • Bruma has still issues with snow shaders and enb terrain complex parallax (disable complex terrain parrallax in enbseries.ini when playing it until further notice)

  • Bug with College of Winter hold questline. The quest to follow Arinel Gane is not working properly. Infinite following & no quest update. Author is aware of that and we are waiting for a fix. (from the nexus mod page, spamming activate/talk on him will teleport him to his destination)

  • Don't set Hardcore mode in ultimate combat MCM (diabled by default on purpose), it breaks the UI widgets (level 0) and some other gameplay mechanics

  • If using static skill levelling and sunhlem, you can have the debuff : "learn skill 50% slower" if too exhausted. Ofc with static levelling you need to sleep to distribute skill points so be sure to sleep long enough to be rested and not just one or two hours because in this case you will still have the skills debuff and the skill points you will spend on skills will not be applied and will be lost because of this exhaustion debuff. To me this behaviour is normal because if you could spend any points you want on any skills at max even with this debuff, then you break the normal behaviour of sunhelm exhaustion debuff. An other possibility is disabling exhaustion if using static skill levelling.

  • Some users reported some fps issue as well as save issue over time when using maximum mending spell. If you are experiencing it, be aware this spell is a workaround spell if you are stuck in a gore state. It comes from maximum carnage. So don't use it as a healing spell, better to get the standard healing spell using Skyrim Unbound settings or buy it.

  • If you use the Aedes Battle Mage Armor, use only the default one. The green and purple version have neck seams. This is because you can only choose one outfit during body slide generation so i choose the default one (red). If i would have chosen the green for instance then the default one would have had a neck seams too. If you absolutely want to use the green or purple one you will need to regen bodyslide yourself and select the green/purple one during generation

  • Dawnstar barrack has blue stairs. It comes from the mod itself waiting for a patch from the author.

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