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Help catalog made using the wonderfull help resources done by Discrepancy

A : Alternate leveling method: Respec all skills by crafting a Scroll of legends with 5 Daedra Hearts at a cook station or using AddItemMenu to instantly add said item to your character.

Vanilla leveling method: Respec by increasing the desired skill tree to level 100 and then making it legendary, completing the LoTD quest line, or completing the Dragonborn DLC main quest after which you'll have the option to spend a dragon soul to reset one skill tree.

Note: Custom skill trees often have their own rules, so you should check the specific associated mod pages for details on how to reset those trees

A : It can take a lot of getting used to, but yes arrows and other projectile speeds (including some magic) are decreased on purpose, to make them more dodge-able by you and your enemies.

What mod is doing this?

his is from the mod Action Based Projectiles, which does not have config options. This does mean you will spend a lot less time sniping your enemies from a distance as an archer - you might get a shot or two off that way, but your bread-and-butter is going to come from Bow Rapid Combo. Lock on to your target and start using the alt-fire combos to rain death upon your foes! The same is true for magic casting - lock on and fire away.

Why do it this way?

Nolvus is clear about having very different combat than vanilla, and this is one of those ways for sure. I definitely understand how this particular change is jarring for those old-school archers and mages (it sure was for me!), but keep in mind Vektor balanced Nolvus gameplay and difficulty around the speeds from ABP, so try to embrace them.

What about poise?

As for the poise mechanic, it's my understanding that the default configuration only has power attacks able to stagger opponents - I think there is a setting somewhere to allow light attacks to affect poise, but I forget where. But yes, you will definitely get perma-staggered if you don't timed-block or side-step in time, and that can be the end of your fight, Elden Ring style. Hope that helps!

A : Most elements on the screen in Nolvus are managed by different mods, so adjusting sizes happens in multiple places:

  • SkyUI has an MCM with a font size option (small/medium/large) that should handle most of the menus
  • SkyHUD (Nordic UI) controls the subtitles; here's how to adjust them
    • 1 Navigate to Nolvus/instances/nolvus acsension/mods/mods/nordic ui interface/interface/skyhud
    • 2 Edit the skyhud.txt by changing the value next to fsubtitle to your liking
  • A Matter of Time controls the clock widget and text below it; you can adjust its size in that MCM
  • Widget Mod controls the level / money / carry weight displays which can be adjusted in its MCM
  • Better Third Person Selection controls the text of the stuff you interact with. You can modify Min and Max Widget sizes in the MCM to increase it
  • iEquip controls the stuff on either side of the compass. It's harder to configure, so I created a Medium and Large preset for Nolvus (under Miscellaneous Files)

A : To show undiscovered map markers in your Compass (disabled by default in Nolvus):

  • Close Skyrim and go to MO2.
  • Expand section 2.1 HUDS and double-click on Compass Navigation Overhaul.
  • Click on the INI Files tab and select the only file there.
  • Change the value bUndiscoveredLocationMarkers from 0 to 1.

NOTE: The on-screen quest log is also handled by this mod; to change its position or details, scroll down in this same file to the [QuestList] section.

Move the A Matter of Time widget to the right

A : Install this like a mod. When you load your game (or start a new one), go into the A Matter of Time MCM and Load Settings. Clock will move to the right.

Move the Widget Mod widgets to the right

A : Install this like a mod also. It just replaces the widget mod json file, and the gold/weight/level will be on the right without having to load any settings.

A : Just install this settings file like any other mod in MO2 and make sure it loads after CBPC Equipment Physics (section 6.1)

A : Open MO2 and expand section 6.4 COMMON ANIMATIONS

Double-click on Underdog Animations, go to file tree tab and hide only these folders in MO2 then re-run Nemesis

A : In MO2, expand section 5.10.1 NPC's RESOURCES

  • Find the mod CBPC - Physics with Collisions and right-click it
  • Select Reinstall Mod
  • In the FOMOD:
    • Select Skyrim Special Edition and click Next
    • Select SSE 1.5.97 (it's like the 7th option in the list) and click Next
    • Select CBBE Curvy body shape and click Next
    • Select 60 FPS and click Next
    • Bounce Config: select 1 - Firmest and click Next
    • Breast Amplitude: select A Lot Reduced (30%) (Nolvus default is "Normal")
    • Butt Amplitude: select A Lot Reduced (30%) (Nolvus default is "Normal")
    • Belly Amplitude: select A Lot Reduced (30%) (Nolvus default is "Normal")
    • Click Next
    • Do NOT select Install Gravity Config
    • Finally, click Install

A : Check in your installer folder under Instances/Nolvus ascension/MODS/profiles/Nolvus Ascension/saves.


Your saves will not work if you reinstall the list using different options!!!

A : Character head sculpts are stored in Overwrite\SKSE\Plugins\CharGen\

A : Character presets are stored in Overwrite\SKSE\Plugins\CharGen\Presets

Presets and head sculpts you make yourself will be in the Overwrite folder by default.

A : First thing first, Nolvus is a heavy graphic list. Why? Because to me if i have to play Skyrim in 2023, it's not to play an outdated 2011 game graphic wise. Absolutely no sense to me (but it's only my opinion).

So the list contains pretty much all the latest graphic improvements the modding community has made and as the engine is old, it costs a lot of FPS even on modern CPU/GPU to have all these new ENB effects, parallax, dlaa, ... on such an old engine.

Don't blame me for that, it's like that when you push up so many things and still manage to get it work even tho the game is old.

Don't forget i use mods developped by other passionate ppl, sometimes it's buggy or could be improved and most of the time authors do their best to improve things over time. I know it's frustrating sometimes when you have a monster gpu and can't even achieve 60 fps at 4K (or even less) with a 2011 game, but it's like that with skyrim as soon as you push lot of graphic and script heavy mods. You have to get used to it.

However this is a list of things you can do to improve FPS assuming you are not way under the minimal specs.

  • If you have a 8Gb VRAM card and/or 16gb of RAM , don't even try the full ultra version, play the redux (at 1080p) (recommended specs are listed on the installer/website)
  • Disable the reshade (ingame press DELETE key)
  • Downscale your resolution using the installer's downscale feature (not compatible with DLAA!!!)
  • If you plan to play widescreen or 4K, you should really have a BIG CPU/GPU (4080-4090), anything that goes over 1440p needs more than a 3080ti (or use the redux version)
  • Don't use advanced smp physics
  • Use the new dlss feature (right now it's only an early access and paywalled) A note tho, it seems to work better on middle/low end gpu or when you play at high resolution
  • Install a less heavy enb (but you will have to be sure it is compatible with the weather mod used in the list, if not you will have to install the compatible weather mod and modify the list yourself with the patching it could involve)
  • Select the medium/low ini preset if you used the installer or use medium/low preset in Bethini if you followed the manual guide
  • Of course don't even try to install the list on a HDD.
  • Don't select fake ray tracing, don't use dlaa but prefer taa. You can also choose performance or ultra performance lods. You can double click on the mod No Grass In Object as well, select Text Files tab and modify this value OverwriteMinGrassSize (by default for Ultra it's set to 50 / 65 for the redux) set higher values will increase fps at the costs of less grass.
  • Disable the ENB ambient occlusion and enable the base game ambient occlusion which is disabled by default with Nolvus (quality will suffer a bit but fps will increase)
    • To disable ambient occlusion
      Set this to 1
      Disable ambient occlusion in the ENB UI (shift+enter ingame) left panel

A : When updating from 5.1 to 5.2, a new game is required (the save files will not be removed though).

PLEASE DON'T TRY your 5.1 save on the 5.2, you will have tons of crashes, bugs and lods will go crazy. YOU ARE WARNED!!!

From 5.2.0 to 5.2.1, you can keep your current save (unless stated).

The installer will also warn you about that before you update.