MCM Settings

These are the mods that need to be set up (In alphabetical Order)

Warning, be sure every mods are loaded correctly before setting MCM options.

Wait until no more messages are displayed.

Nolvus 4.3 introduce an automatic way of setting up the MCM menus.

Open the MCM menu, go to MCM Recorder and Select Nolvus MCM

Click on Yes

Let the MCM Recorder finish its work. As the Recorder does not setup the key bind to let you choose what you prefer, you still have the individual list below to setup your keys.

Set your FOV and key to zoom ingame.

Disable this options to avoid sheating your weapon during combat.

If you want to remove displayed items from your character, disable this option

Enabling this option will fix the issue occuring when your character is trying to protect himself from rain with his shield (The shield won't be sheated anymore on back though)

If you want your shield on back, disable this option

Select a key to activate the grip switch

Be sure iNeed is activated. If you want to adjust your timescale click on the number and change it

Disable these options if you don't want more enemy levels (more clean UI)

Select your keys for each optimal potion type.

Activate this preset

Select separate hotkeys and select a key for each stances.

Choose your key to lock enemies

Disable this option

Be sure predictive is selected

Select this if you want to see the enemy level

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