Nolvus Dashboard Auto Installer

Technical Informations

The Nolvus Dashbaord is a multi threaded application that is bound to your cpu cores. Your total bandwith will be distributed between your CPU cores.

In a ideal world, if you have for instance a 20 MB/s connection and have a 4 cores CPU you will download 4 files at the same time at 5MB/s each.

You can modify this behaviour though by editing your Nolvus Dashboard.ini file (inside your application root directory) and modify this value


Count = [YOUR VALUE]

Be sure to not set a too big number for [YOUR VALUE]. if you have a 4 cores CPU put max 6 as value. Overloading your CPU will be worse so be aware of it.

The application has also an auto retry feature when a download has been interrupted or if it gives an error. By default it's 10.

You can also modify this value in your Nolvus Dashboard.ini file


Retry = [YOUR VALUE]

This value will have no impact if a download link is dead or if you can't reach the server where the file is hosted. So be sure to not set a too high number to avoid waiting for any timeout for nothing.

When using a laptop sometimes the Dashboard may not recognize your NVIDIA GPU and you won't be able to select DLAA (only for NVIDIA GPU) during installation. To remove the anti aliasing control, open your Nolvus Dashboard.ini file and set as follow (you can add these lines if they don't exist). BE SURE you have an NVIDIA card because selecting DLAA without a nvidia gpu will CRASH your game


ForceAA = True

You can close the application during installation anytime you want, it will resume where it left off.

Using a modern computer with a good wired internet connection and a Nexus Premium account you should install the Nolvus mod pack in about 1 hour.


  • 24 cores AMD ryzen 5900x CPU
  • 500 mb/s internet connection
  • Internal SATA SSD

Do not install the mod pack on a HDD!!! It will take ages to install and the list is not designed to run on a HDD for performance reasons. Though if you choose to archive the mods on a hdd, the installation/reinstallation time will take longer.

A note on Premimum Nexus user.

You need to be a Nexus Premium user in order to have automatic downloads. The application will work without but you will have to manually click for each mods and your total bandwith will be limited to 3 MB/s.

If you subscribe to Nexus premium, you will maybe have to wait a few minutes for the Nexus API to synchronize. You can check your premium statut in the bottom right corner of the installer.

Stock Game

Nolvus uses its own Skyrim game folder. It takes the files from Steam (after a binary check to be sure it's legal and has the right version) and copy them into your Instances\[Instance_Name]\STOCK GAME folder.

Your Steam install remains absolutely clean and if Skyrim gets an update it will not break the Nolvus installation.

Source code

The Nolvus Dashboard is open source (under GPL 3 License). The source code can be found on Github here. I don't provide any support for the source code though. You will be on your own.

Virus total scan

You will find here the virus total scan of the Nolvus updater. If your antivirus detects it as a threat please let us know.