Nolvus Dashboard Auto Installer

2. Requirements

First you need Windows 10 64 bits as operating system. The installer architecture is only based on 64 bits system.

Skyrim Special Edition

Obviously, you also need a fresh and legal copy of Skyrim Special Edition.

When you have your copy of Skyrim SE, you can proceed to the game installation by clicking on the install button.

Click on Next

Scroll to the bottom and click I agree

Prevent steam from automatically updating the game

When the game is installed right click on Skyrim Special Edition and select properties

Go to updates tab and select Only update this game when i launch it

For more informations read this

Skyrim Launcher

Now launch Skyrim Special Edition from Steam to create the game configuration file (*.ini files)

Click on I Agree

Launcher is detecting your hardware configuration : Click OK

Settings set on Ultra : Click OK

Click on Exit

Graphic Drivers Setup

Go to the Nvidia Control Panel from Windows Control Panel -> Nvidia Control Panel or from your Windows system tray icons and set the following.

Go to 3D Settings -> Manage 3D Settings -> Program settings tab as shown below

Seven Zip

You need the last version of Seven Zip.

Click here to download 7-zip from and select version 19.00 (2019-02-21) for Windows 64 bits

When downloaded go to the directory where you downloaded the file and execute the file 7z1900-x64.exe

Click on Install

Java Runtime Environment

Click here to download Java Runtime Environment from and select version Windows Online

When downloaded execute the program and click on install


Of course you will need a Nexus Mods account in order to download mods from Nexus using the installer.

Click here to create an account at

When your account has been created, you will need an API key provided by Nexus mods.

To do that, go to your account icon (last icon on the right with your avatar picture) and click on Site preferences

Select API

Scroll down to the end (Personal API Key)

Click on the generate button

Copy the key on a text file and NEVER SHARE IT TO ANYONE ELSE

Vector Plexus

You will need a VectorPlexus account. Click here to create one.

Don't create an account with social media! When the installer will install mod from this site, you will have to sign in using your user name and password and not using the social media option.

AFK Mods

You will need a AFK mods account. Click here to create one.


You will also need to create an account on the Nolvus web site. If you don't have your Nolvus account yet, click here to create it.

Fill the registration form, when done you will receive an email to activate your account.

Mod Organizer 2 Portable Instance Convertion

This step is only needed if you have already installed any Nolvus modlist manually or have a global instance of Mod Organizer 2 installed.

Before the installer was released, the Nolvus modding guide told you to install Mod Organizer 2 as global instance.

If Mod Organizer 2 is installed as a global instance, no portable instance can be installed.

As the installer uses portable Mod Organizer 2 instances, you need to convert your manuall installed global instance to portable instance.

For this first open your Mod Organizer 2 and make a backup of all your profiles.

When done, go to your Windows profile AppData directory.

Open Windows explorer and type C:\Users\[USER_NAME]\AppData\Local replacing [USERNAME] by your windows account.

You should see a directory called ModOrganizer, rename it to _ModOrganizer

Now launch Mod Organizer 2, you will normally get an error (it's normal), click on OK

You should get this screen, click on Next

Select portable instance.

Select Skyrim Special Edition.

Click on Browse and select your Nolvus MODS directory. If you followed the guide it should be [SSD_DRIVE_LETTER]:\Nolvus\MODS where [SSD_DRIVE_LETTER] is the drive letter of your ssd (mostly it will be D:\). Then click on Next.

Click on Finish

Open Mod Organizer 2 and go to Tools=>Settings and Paths tab. Be sure the Base directory is [SSD_DRIVE_LETTER]:\Nolvus\MODS where [SSD_DRIVE_LETTER] is the drive letter of your ssd

You will normally get all your mods in the wrong order. This is why we made a backup earlier. For all of your profiles click on restore backup and select your backup (Select the right date).

Close Mod Organizer 2

Go your Nolvus MO2 directory, if you followed the guide it should be [SSD_DRIVE_LETTER]:\Nolvus\MO2 where [SSD_DRIVE_LETTER] is the drive letter of your ssd (mostly it will be D:\)

You should have a ModOrganizer.ini file, rename it to _ModOrganizer.ini

Go back to your C:\Users\[USER_NAME]\AppData\Local, and go to your _ModOrganizer directory your renamed before and under SkyrimSE copy the File ModOrganizer.ini

Paste it to your [SSD_DRIVE_LETTER]:\Nolvus\MO2 directory.

You are now ready to install the Nolvus Dashboard application.