Nolvus Dashboard Auto Installer

1. Introduction

The Nolvus Dashboard is a software designed to install and manage any Nolvus mod list automatically.

This tool can be used by beginners, who don't want to learn how to mod and just play a modded Skyrim, as well as experienced modders just wanting to install a mod list quickly.


The Nolvus Dashboard includes the following features :

  • Compatible with Nexus (premium and non premium account)
  • Fully compatible with all Nolvus mod lists
  • Automatically search, download, extract and install mods
  • Fully compliant with Mod Organizer 2
  • Handle ini files
  • Handle mod lists update (without reinstalling the entire list)
  • Automatically clean Skyrim master files
  • Install ENB & Reshade
  • Automatically resume mod list installation in case of issue
  • Handle best download location selection.
  • Automatically install Lods and all guide related generated outputs (Animations, snow patcher, physics for armors and clothes,...)