Nolvus Dashboard Auto Installer

3. Installation

Click here to download the latest version of the Nolvus Dashboard Installer application.

When downloaded, go to the location you have downloaded the file and execute NolvusUpdater.exe

Don't run it from your default Windows download folder, but copy it to a directory which will be your installation directory (like D:\Nolvus).

Be sure this directory is not too long to avoid issues when installing mod with a long directories structure

Let the installer proceed to installation

When finished, close the window

Select your Skyrim Special Edition directory.

Click on Auto detect or browse your Skyrim Special Edition directory manually, then click on Next

Paste your Nexus personal API Key you generated earlier and click on Next.

Enter your Nolvus account user name and password and click on Next.

A note on the Nolvus Agent

Nolvus Agent is a small piece of software running in the system tray and starting with Windows.

It will periodically check for both Nolvus Installer software updates and Nolvus guide version updates and notify you when they are available.

Running the auto installer

To launch the auto installer, 3 ways are possible

  • Doucle click on the desktop shortcut (If you have selected this option during installation)
  • Go to your installation directory and execute the file NolvusDashBoard.exe
  • If you have installed the Agent, right on the icon in the task bar system tray and select Open Dashboard

Select the version to install, your screen resolution and aspect ratio and click on continue.

Select the directory where you want to install your instance as well as archive directory.

Instance directory will contain Mod Organizer 2, profile info and installed mods

Archive directory will contain the mods archive files

If you don't want to archive the mods just disable the option.

You can also set the archive directory on a HDD to spare space on your SSD.

Rename archive files option

Enable this if you want the auto installer rename nexus archive file names such as 2K-4545-89859.7z by [NAME_OF_THE_MOD]-v[VERSION].z7

Click on Continue

Select your best download location (only for Nexus Premium users) and click on Continue.

Review your installation settings and click on Start

Let the installer proceed its job.

Additional info

Installation time will depend on many things

  • Nexus premium account or not
  • Internet connection speed
  • SSD read/write speed
  • CPU for extracting files

On modern computers and if you are Nexus premium it should take 3 to 4 hours to install everything.

When the mod list is installed, all instances info are stored into the file InstancesData.xml under INSTALLDIR\Instances directory

Do not delete or modify this file if you don't want to broke your installation. Also make a bakcup of it somewhere.