Nolvus Dashboard Auto Installer


First of all don't forget this application is still in Open Beta status, it is improved as soon as bugs are reported.

Q : The installer hangs when downloading from Mega

A : Close the installer, go to the installer install directory and under cache remove the directory web, then try again. You can also try to download the file directly from your browser and copy the archive inside cache\downloads directory of the installer and restart the installer.

Click here to have the mega link from BlubboDE

Q : Mega download limit is reached

A : When starting to install an instance using the installer or when resuming, you can log in with your premium mega account. An alternative to have less than 5gb of mods to download using Mega is under consideration.

Q : The installer hangs when downloading a mod

A : Always try first to download it manually, either from Nexus or from an other source (AFK Mods, google drive,..) depending where the mod is hosted to be sure it does not come from your system or your internet connection or even the source (Nexus,..) itself. You can also delete the cache folder in the installer install directory and try again.

Q : The installer tells Skyrim Special Edition is not installed on this system.

A : This is mostly because Skyrim has not been installed from steam correctly or you don't have a legit copy of it. If your Skyrim has been installed successfully, you should have an entry for it in the Windows Add/Remove programs. If it's not the case reinstall Skyrim from Steam.

Help on discord

Many questions are already been answered in the auto-installer channel of the Nolvus discord. Before asking in this channel, be sure it has not already been answered to save people time ;)