Nolvus Dashboard Auto Installer



Be sure you don't have any firewall rules or antivirus that could block the application.

If you need to make a rule/exception for the Nolvus Dashboard to make it work, do it (sometimes it's better to create an exception for the entire Nolvus Dashboard install directory).

If you don't trust the application, you can find the source code as well as the virus total scan in the technical informations section.

Better to avoid using Wi-Fi with the installer unless you have a very good one.

The installer uses YOUR internet connection, and connect to third party web sites. If you have a bad or issue with your connection, a micro connection failure or if the third party web sites have the smallest issue, the download could stop or you could have an unknown error message. So first and before all if any issue, restart the application or click the retry button to see if it fixes it. No worry the installer will resume.

When an error occurs, the dashboard will continue the installation until all mods have been processed or if the max errors threshold has been reached. It will then display all occured errors.

Please read this to know how errors management work.

When all errors are listed, please read the following to fix.

Q : The installer hangs when downloading/installing files or gives a certain error after [x] retries.

A : Close the installer, go to the installer install directory and delete the cache folder, then try again. If it still does not work, download the file manually from the Nolvus web site link so the file matches.

To download a file manually click here to go to the Nolvus web site home page.

Click on the search icon

Type the name of the failing mod and press enter (this is just an example)

Locate your mod, and click on view

When you are redirected to the right section, browse the list until you find your faulty mod, expand it and click on the link to manually download it. DON'T FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS TO MANUALLY INSTALL IT, JUST DOWNLOAD IT!!!

Be sure you did not download the file twice because in this case windows can add a (1) in the file name and then will not match with what the installer expects as name.

If the faulty mod is High Poly Head and you downloaded it from vectoplexus web site, be sure to replace the underscores by spaces so the installer recognizes it.

When it's downloaded, copy the file in the cache\downloads directory of the installer (don't extract it) and restart the installer.


If the faulty mod comes from a google drive link and you can't still download it manually, log in with your google account.

Ultimately, you can use a VPN if you still have issues to download/install mods.

Q : Mega download limit is reached (error 509)

A : Some file are hosted on Mega has a 5gb size limit by day. The Nolvus mod pack is designed to not go over this limit but if you already downloaded mega files for any other purpose you could reach this limit. In this case wait 24 hours or use a VPN to bypass this limit.

Q : I get error 429 (too many requests)

A : Some file are hosted on google drive. When there are too many concurrent downloads for the same file, google can lock the drive and you will get this error. In this case wait and retry later or try to download the file manually (see first question).

Q: Installer says Skyrim Anniversary Edition is not installed

A: Be sure to stricly follow the Skyrim setup here. Be sure the Skyrim Steam installation directory is the one you mentionned in the installer. If for some reasons you have several Skyrim installations you may have referenced a bad one. In Steam, right click on your game, select Properties, Installed files and click on Browse. The path you see is the one that needs to be used with the installer (the installer skyrim path is located in your NolvusDashboard.ini file under GamePath, set it without ending backslash). A Steam integrity check for your game could also fix it.

Q: I get the message : Error during game integrity checking, hash for game file does not match

A : You need to have a legal copy of Skyrim from Steam. If you have referenced the right Steam Skyrim install folder (refer to the previous question) do a Steam integrity check for your game.

Q: I need to manually click on each files to download them

A: You need to have a Nexus premium account to have full automatic downloads.

Q: I get the error message : Error during instance checking or Root element is missing

A: This error is mostly due to a manual modification of the InstancesData.xml file located inside your instances folder. DON'T modify this file manually!!! It can also occur if your pc crash or you have a power shutdown during installation. in this case you need to reinstall.

Q: The application does not start

A : Be sure to install the optional requirements from section 3 here

Q: I'm from Russia/China/South America and i can't download some files

A: Unfortunately some files are blocked in your country, please use a VPN.

Q: I get the error message : Could not find a part of the path...

A: Sadly you did not install the application in a short path or you moved your dashboard to an other drive/directory during/after installation.

The documentation clearly warns you about that here

You will have to modify all related paths following our discord post here. Though if you don't want to bother with all this, just reinstall the application in a shorter path (the NolvusUpdater.exe does not allow to install the application in a long path normally and this is there for a reason) and reinstall the list.

Q: Download speed is 2 or 3 MB/s

A: Don't forget the Nolvus Dahsboard is a multi threaded application. The number of concurrent file downloads is bound to your CPU cores (as described in the technical informations section). So for instance if you have a 8 cores CPU, you will download 8 files at 2 or 3 MB/S which is in reality 8 x 3 MB/s so 24 MB/s. Sometimes it can just come from the third party web site itself (nexus,...) and in this case there is nothing we can really do about. If you are not a nexus premium user, your total bandwidth will be capped at 3MB/s.

Q: I get the error message : Globale Instance Detected

A: Just read what the installer tells you to do under the red error message

Q: I have no mods installation progression, the screen is empty and only the mods counter in the bottom left corner is refreshing

A: Just restart your dashboard.

Q: The Nolvus Dashboard crashes

A: Open your log.txt file located under the Nolvus Dashboard main directory (where the Nolvus Dashboard.exe is located). When opened, scroll down to the near bottom, check the last error message (you will maybe have to scroll up a bit to find it) and refer back to the previous errors listed in this FAQ.

Help on discord

Many questions have already been answered in the auto-installer channel of the Nolvus discord. Before asking in this channel, be sure it has not already been answered by doing a quick discord search to save people time ;)