Next Generation Graphics

The most up to date graphic mods from the community to drastically improve the visual of SKYRIM.

Multi Characters Support

Supports multiple types of characters. Nolvus offers different character modules to better meet your role-playing choices.

Enhanced Gameplay

Enhanced gameplay mechanics to make your game more immersive than ever.


Now with Auto Installer Software

The Nolvus Dashboard is a software designed to install and manage any Nolvus mod list automatically.

This tool can be used by beginners, who don't want to learn how to mod and just play a modded Skyrim, as well as experienced modders just wanting to install a mod list quickly.


The Nolvus Dashboard included the following features :

Compatible with Nexus (premium and non premium account)

Fully compatible with all Nolvus mod lists

Automatically search, download, extract and install mods

Fully compliant with Mod Organizer 2

Handle ini files

Handle mod lists update (without reinstalling the entire list)

Automatically clean Skyrim master files

Install ENB & Reshade

Automatically resume mod list installation in case of issue

Handle best download location selection.

Automatically install Lods and all guide related generated outputs (Animations, snow patcher, physics for armors and clothes,...)

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Nolvus version 5 (2023) is out

Nolvus Ascension is a photrealistic preset using Anniversary Edition, Seasons, latest complex parallax features and next MCO generation combats

This version is based on Natural Armospheric Tamriel v3 and powered by PICHO ENB (other ENB presets available using the auto installer).

Prepare yourself for an amazing graphic and combat experience

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Awesome trailers by Capt. Panda and Relentless Zen

About The Guide

Skyrim is a harsh and unforgivable land. The Nolvus modding guide has been designed to enhance this atmosphere while keeping your game lore friendly.

Nolvus means in dragon language the origin of nirn (which is the planet where The Elder Scrolls Games take place)

The purpose of Nolvus guide was to have some kind of lore friendly modded game with just a gloomy and cold touch. The landscapes, locations, armors and weapons, objects, npcs will be just improved and nothing else to keep the original vanilla feeling of the game.

Nolvus will also expand the world of Skyrim beyond the borders of the game to provide a larger world to explore.

Last update

Tuesday, October 10, 2023 (v 5.2.5)

Change Log





% Lore friendly

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